MacArthur, Arthur

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MacArthur, Arthur,

1845–1912, American army officer, b. Springfield, Mass.; father of Douglas MacArthurMacArthur, Douglas,
1880–1964, American general, b. Little Rock, Ark.; son of Arthur MacArthur. Early Career

MacArthur was reared on army posts and attended military school in Texas.
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. Raised in Wisconsin, he served with the 24th Wisconsin Volunteers in the Civil War and fought in many Western campaigns and in the Chattanooga campaign of 1863. He received the Medal of Honor for gallantry. Joining the regular army after the war, he fought in both Cuba and the Philippines in the Spanish-American War and was (1900–1901) military governor of the Philippines. He had risen (1906) to the rank of lieutenant general when he retired in 1909.

MacArthur, Arthur

(1845–1912) soldier; born in Springfield, Mass. (father of Douglas MacArthur). After seeing extensive combat with a Wisconsin infantry regiment during the Civil War, he served for many years on garrison duty in the West. He led combat forces in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War (1898) and then served as military governor during the insurrection in the Philippines (1900–01). He spent his final eight years in the army commanding departments in the U.S.A.
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Arthur MacArthur, Mark Twain wrote, sarcastically, that the United States of America had become a world power, ".
Arthur MacArthur, engaged and defeated the resisting Philippine forces under Gen.
It begins with an account of Douglas Mac Arthur's father, Arthur MacArthur, who rose through battlefield promotions to command a regiment during the Civil War while still a teenager, married a Southern belle and raised his children mostly in the Indian frontier's outposts, and culminated his career by defeating the Philippine insurgency in 1900.
losses were approximately 4,100 (75 percent from disease) and 3,000 wounded, but the overall fighting lasted until 1913 and engaged some of the most prominent military figures of the era, including Arthur MacArthur, Douglas MacArthur's father, and John Pershing, U.
He was the son of General Arthur MacArthur, a Civil War hero who had won the Congressional Medal of Honor at age 18 and later commanded U.
From his father, Arthur MacArthur, a Civil War hero who rose to three-star rank, he also inherited a paranoia that made him suspicious of superiors--military and civilian--who he believed envied his abilities and tried to thwart his advancement.
The commanding general of US forces, General Arthur MacArthur had to admit that regulation and toleration were, in fact, a reality.
General Arthur MacArthur, the father of World War II General Douglas MacArthur, opened a company "canteen" while commanding Fort Selden, New Mexico, during the 1880s since his post was considered too small for a post trader.
The son of Army General Arthur MacArthur, he spent more than 70 years serving in a variety of leadership positions, including Superintendent of West Point, Chief of Staff of the Army, Field Marshall of the Philippines, Supreme Allied Commander of the Pacific during World War II, Military Governor of Japan during its occupation, and as a presidential hopeful as well as public administrator and businessman.
In addition, the Infantry Library, now known as the Donovan Research Library, began in 1907 when General Arthur MacArthur donated around 50 books to start the collection.
3) General Arthur MacArthur (Civil War) and son General Douglas MacArthur (Vera Cruz Campaign, 1914-15).
Nieto del famoso juez Arthur MacArthur, e hijo del general del mismo nombre, que comando la conquista de Manila en la guerra con Espana.