Arthur Rackham

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Rackham, Arthur

(răk`əm), 1867–1939, English illustrator and watercolorist. He is known for imaginative, delicately colored, and cheerful pen drawings, especially for children's books. Among these are Peter Pan (1906), Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1907), and A Christmas Carol (1915).


See study by D. Hudson (1960, repr. 1974).

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Among the exhibits on sale will be works by Arthur Rackham (Peter Pan & Alice in Wonderland), Mary Tourtel (Rupert Bear), Steve Hutton (the Golden Compass movie), Charles Fockard (Arabian Nights, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Aesop's Fables and Pinocchio), Paul Kidby (Terry Pratchett novels) and Christian Birmingham.
She also provides thorough captioning and context for the illustrations created by Arthur Rackham and others, a cinematic survey of Peter Pan on screen, and a montage of letters, magazine excerpts, and reviews.
There are so many crooked houses and twisted streets, it could have been drawn by Arthur Rackham.
The list of writers and thinkers whose works will be available online for free includes Arthur Rackham, the illustrator whose drawings appeared in early versions of children's books such as Peter Pan and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the novelist Ford Madox Ford, and Howard Carter, the archaeologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt.
Bloomsbury Auctions' sale also includes pictures and letters by Arthur Rackham, a 19th century fairytale illustrator; a privately printed edition of The Tailor of Gloucester by Beatrix Potter; rare Oz books by L Frank Baum; the works of art by children's illustrator Tom Feelings; a collection of letters between Roald Dahl and his publisher Alfred A Knopf; and a rare edition of Maurice Sendak's first picture book Good Shabbos, Everybody.
Lewis' episodes were set off either by his experiences of nature (standing next to a flowering currant bush) or as a result of his childhood reading of Beatrix Potter and a collection of Nordic myths gloriously illustrated by Arthur Rackham.
The book was heavily illustrated by a pantheon of the finest children's artists of the era, including the great fairy portraitists, Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac.
Craft, appeared to be a mishmash of several earlier texts by Charles Perrault, Arthur Rackham, and Andrew Lang.
This rare example by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) called Witches' Sabbath is being offered at the NEC by Books illustrated for pounds 35,000.
As a young child, Tudor was exposed to the illustrations of Walter Crane, Randolph Caldecott, Beatrix Potter, Arthur Rackham, and Edmund Dulac.
The elongated, sinewy figure of Meadow Maker III embodies the legacies of Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Arthur Rackham whilst the colourful, decorative quality of the composition suggests a certain playfulness.