Arthur Rackham

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Rackham, Arthur

(răk`əm), 1867–1939, English illustrator and watercolorist. He is known for imaginative, delicately colored, and cheerful pen drawings, especially for children's books. Among these are Peter Pan (1906), Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1907), and A Christmas Carol (1915).


See study by D. Hudson (1960, repr. 1974).

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It seems Grahame was keen for Arthur Rackham to tackle his story but the celebrated illustrator said he was too busy.
The scene is only a seed of thought: "Thus a moment of desire in seeing an Arthur Rackham illustration of Norse mythology led Lewis to become an expert in Norse mythology.
Kershaw admires different ceramic work, but she is perhaps more inspired and influenced by illustrators, especially children's book illustrators, such as Dave McKean, Arthur Rackham and Edward Gorey.
Most people have heard of the great Arthur Rackham, an illustrator who seemed to have one foot in the fairy world, and whose illustrations for Peter Pan are generally seen as the finest examples of the genre.
Mike explains: "Children's classics like Alice in Wonderland, Wind in the Willows, Peter Pan and Winnie-the-Pooh are remembered often as much for their illustrations as they are for their stories, while other artists such as Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, E.
Kusama's self-identification with Alice perhaps explains what distinguishes this beautiful example of book art from the many other attempts to add pictures to Dodgson's words--from Sir John Tenniel's original designs to the painterly approach of Salvador Dali or the skilled draftsmanship of Arthur Rackham.
Other illustrators included Arthur Rackham and Kate Greenaway.
She also provides thorough captioning and context for the illustrations created by Arthur Rackham and others, a cinematic survey of Peter Pan on screen, and a montage of letters, magazine excerpts, and reviews.
It didn't take anyone with a scanner to realize that a 1920s copy of the children's book "Where the Blue Begins," signed by its illustrator, Arthur Rackham, was worth more than the $1 price assigned to most children's books.
There are so many crooked houses and twisted streets, it could have been drawn by Arthur Rackham.