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King Arthur:

see Arthurian legendArthurian legend,
the mass of legend, popular in medieval lore, concerning King Arthur of Britain and his knights. Medieval Sources

The battle of Mt. Badon—in which, according to the Annales Cambriae (c.
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The Ffwrwm Arts Centre in the town, which was conceived by local enthusiast Dr Russell Rees, has a themed area of heraldry and battle, inspired by the Arthurian legends.
Kevin Crossley-Holland has delighted readers for years with his reworkings of folktales and his Arthurian legends.
Author Gerald Morris provides a modern interpretation of the Arthurian legends, including an affectionate nod to Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur in his author's note at the conclusion.
Not simply a retelling of the Arthurian Legends, this volume also has historical facts, anecdotes, speculations and quotes from ancient texts.
He afterward devoted himself exclusively to writing and to studying such recondite subjects as the Arthurian legends, which were to provide the material for his books.
Bangor University Library's Arthurian holdings have benefited from the arrival of the Flintshire Harries Arthurian collection in 2015, and we are proud to be at the forefront of a number of local, national and international events focused on the Arthurian legends - as Professor Field's recent lecture on the location of Camelot has shown.
Gwyneth and the Green Knight is an opera for all ages which takes the Arthurian legends as its starting point and tells the story of Gwyneth, a feisty young girl who desperately wants to be a knight but can't - because she's a girl.
Llangollen,in the Dee Valley, can trace its history back to the Stone Age,and is the source of many Arthurian legends It is the home of the International Musical Eisteddfod, horse- drawn canal barges, a steam railway,and the world's largest collection of Dr Who memorabilia The ladies of Llangollen, a pioneering pair of females,lived at Plas Newydd,now a National Trust propertyTo order your copy of this picture call our photo sales team on 0151 472 2549
Responding to this week's statement on 'Our Past and Its Future' by the Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Ken Skates, Mr Isherwood said: "I note your comment about King Arthur, and you may be aware that the Flintshire Tourism Association has put in a bid to capitalise upon the origins in the dark ages of those wonderful Arthurian legends. So, how will you ensure parity between the pre-Norman and the post-Norman history that has enriched the country of Wales?" Mr Skates said: "The Bill is aimed at making sure that heritage of any age is protected and preserved.
A FILM based on the Arthurian legends is set to be made in North Wales.
EXPERTS on the Arthurian legends are gathering at Bangor University to discuss the famous saga.
It takes the Arthurian legends as its starting point and tells the story of Gwyneth, a feisty young maiden who desperately wants to be a knight despite being a girl.