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The firm is paying pounds 37million for Intrav, a division of Kuoni which takes people to the Artic circle.
From the plains of eastern Montana, to the desert of the Southwest, up to the Artic Circle, [I] probably have the largest area to cover, but also the opportunity to meet with the most diverse groups of people that any one person could ask for.
After 28 years with Artic Circle, he understands how to maintain a profitable organization.
The hero, who tends to corpulence and self-satisfaction, displays a certain affinity and longing for that place near the Artic Circle.
Iceland lies in the North Atlantic Ocean, geographically positioned just below the Artic Circle.
The hole is at Mirny in Sakha, the new name for Yakutia, the largest autonomous republic in Russia, on the edge of the Artic Circle.
M2C is a Russian Internet service provider (ISP) formed with the intention of offering the country's first "triple-play" services in Murmansk, the largest city in the Artic circle located in the Northwest region.
Ken Bennett travelled to the Artic Circle with Norwegian Coastal Voyage (020 8846 2666 www.
He impressed the jury with his taming of obstinate reindeer, present wrapping and sleigh driving at the competition in Gallivare, Sweden, 60 miles inside the Artic circle.
INJURED Coventry MP Bob Ainsworth faces a week away from Westminster after damaging his ankle in an Artic Circle dog sled accident.