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Shaw, Artie,

1910–2004, American clarinetist and bandleader, b. New York City as Arthur Jacob Arshawsky. He began playing professionally as a teenager, becoming a studio musician in New York after 1929. In 1935 he formed his first band, an unusual grouping that included clarinet, string quartet, and rhythm section, which he used in a critically acclaimed performance of his jazz chamber piece Interlude in B Flat. A year later he established a more orthodox swing band, and with it recorded (1938) his first hit, a sweetly swinging version of Cole PorterPorter, Cole,
1891–1964, American composer and lyricist, b. Peru, Ind., grad. Yale, 1913. Porter's witty, sophisticated lyrics and his affecting melodies place him high in the ranks of American composers of popular music.
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's "Begin the Beguine" that quickly became a jazz classic. In 1940 he organized a smaller band, the Gramercy Five, which he reformed several times with various combinations of musicians, and from the mid-1940s to the mid-50s he led a number of big bands. Considered one of swing's two great clarinetists (the other, his rival Benny GoodmanGoodman, Benny
(Benjamin David Goodman), 1909–86, American clarinetist, composer, and band leader, b. Chicago. Goodman studied clarinet at Hull House. In Chicago he had the opportunity to hear (and eventually to play beside) some of the outstanding jazz musicians of the
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), Shaw was a virtuoso at his instrument. Among his greatest hits were early 40s recordings of "Frenesi," "Stardust," "Moonglow," and "Dancing in the Dark." He retired from music in 1954.


See his autobiography (1952, repr. 1992); biographies by V. Simosko (2000), J. White (2004), and T. Nolan (2010); B. Berman, dir., Artie Shaw: Time Is All You've Got (documentary film, 1985; Academy Award).

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Just imagine what Artie Shaw would think or say about today's rock scene.
Then, in 1945, she married Artie Shaw - who left his wife for her but by that time Gardner smoked three packs of Winstons a day and got drunk constantly.
Nolan, an author and journalist, offers a biography of jazz clarinetist and big band leader Artie Shaw (1910-2004), from his childhood growing up in a poor Jewish family in New Haven to his career as a jazz musician.
It works best, not surprisingly, when Freedman discusses music, and his sections on radical Jewish culture and Artie Shaw are focused moments in which an argument begins to take shape.
Evelyn Keyes, who played Scarlett O'Hara's younger sister Suellen in "Gone With the Wind" and counted director John Huston and bandleader Artie Shaw among her famous husbands, died July 4 of uterine cancer in Montecito, Calif.
Johnson, himself a mere pup of eighty-one or so, is this fellow with a Boston accent you could cut with a knife, whom the demanding Artie Shaw designated leader and clarinettist of a re-formed Shaw band that came together in the early 1980s.
We do play Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw and Jimmy Dorsey--you wouldn't have so much of our music today without them--but there are great things from the '60s and '70s, like Sinatra and Bobby Darin.
They had one daughter who grew up to be one of the many wives of Artie Shaw.
Jews have a long and complex history with black music tracing back through the blues-infused melodies of Bob Dylan and Billy Joel, to the swing era's Artie Shaw, to jazz enthusiast and innovator Irving Mills (a big-band era precursor of today's Jewish hip-hop moguls and managers).
His first job was publicizing Artie Shaw and the Gramercy 5.
Her property included china and souvenirs from Ava's marriages to actor Mickey Rooney, bandleader Artie Shaw and Frank Sinatra.
We spent a few days visiting the fair, where we jumped and jived to the music of Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman and visited the Cavalcade of History and the Aquacade with Esther Williams.