Artificial Line

artificial line

[¦ärd·ə¦fish·əl ′līn]
Circuit made up of lumped constants, which is used to simulate various characteristics of a transmission line.
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Artificial Line


an electric circuit consisting of several components connected in series and containing inductance coils and capacitors. Artificial lines are used in electrical and radio engineering equipment, mainly in pulse devices for time delay of pulses, the formation of short-duration pulses, and the simulation of wave processes. Different connections of inductance coils and capacitors within a component make possible the production of artificial lines with predetermined characteristics (frequency passband, phase characteristic, and transient response). Under certain conditions such lines can be considered as an artificially created equivalent of a uniform long line (hence the term “artificial line”).

The main parameters of a uniform long line can be expressed by the parameters of the artificial line. In practice artificial lines are constructed as a finite number (three to seven and more) of usually identical networks, with an effective resistance at the terminal of the artificial line. An artificial line having many networks can be used to produce a time delay of pulses or to form pulses with a duration of dozens of microseconds.


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