artificial elements

artificial elements:

see synthetic elementssynthetic elements,
in chemistry, radioactive elements that were not discovered occurring in nature but as artificially produced isotopes. They are technetium (at. no. 43), which was the first element to be synthesized, promethium (at. no. 61), astatine (at. no.
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Thus, due to equilibrium reactions of 92 natural and 24 artificial elements, the world has been able to shelter.
<p class="textbox" dir="ltr">"Parrots especially respond better instinctively to toys made with natural materials as opposed to those made with plastics or other artificial elements," Allen noted.
Visitors to the exhibition will be treated to interesting fun facts such as the Norse mythology in the Thor movies and how real life scientists have created artificial elements comparable to the one created by Tony Stark.
Thus, it has a relevant proportion of the species and communities of the natural systems represented; its surface is continuous, not fragmented, occupied mainly by natural formations, without artificial elements that significantly alter the landscape, and its soils are not susceptible to urban transformation.
Marisa Davis, Saline-Gallatin Farm Bureau manager, guided them in using fresh greenery and artificial elements to create a beautiful centerpiece for the holidays.
The product range helps to bring out the real taste of food at the same time ensuring that there are no artificial elements thereby making food light and easy to digest.
Avoid overly processed foods and food with added salt, sugar and artificial elements, and clear away anything that isn't eaten promptly so as not to attract pests.
In 'Tropica,' the artist makes clever use of multiple panels, which he treats as artificial elements similar to constructed environments.
Despite the propensity to engage in snacking, consumers associate snack products with harmful ingredients such as GMOs and artificial elements. In fact, nearly half of Americans (46%) agree that snacks typically include controversial ingredients when compared to other food categories.
The "Turkish nation" invented by the yttihadists and Kemalists relying on artificial elements is no longer there because the Muslims and the Kurds have emerged as political actors.
When open, it receives thousands of shipments each year of low- to medium-level radioactive materials laced with plutonium and other artificial elements. It had operated successfully for 15 years until the accidents.
Its unifying design language is inspired by natural structures and based on a symbiotic relationship between natural and artificial elements.