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sugar substitute:

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substance used as a low-calorie sugar substitute. Saccharin, cyclamates, and aspartame have been the most commonly used artificial sweeteners. Saccharin, a coal-tar derivative three hundred times as sweet as sugar, was discovered in 1879.
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But a study in 2012 found that sodas that used artificial sugar affected how the brain takes sweet flavors.
A trend of losing weight is also found in the region which reduces the usage of table sugar and boosts the artificial sugar market.
Most are sweetened with artificial sugar substitutes which may cause you to eat more and eventually lead to greater weight gain than eating foods sweetened with regular sugar would.
Mengal mentioned that artificial sugar, textile color and acid were being used in cold drinks.
While adding, Mr Mengal mentioned that artificial sugar, textile colour and acid were being used in cold drinks.
The solution may not be in artificial sugar substitutes such as aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin, which not only leave an after-taste but have limited application.
Moreover, PFA's teams confiscated 1600 kg substandard sweets, 410 kg substandard non-food grade colour and 670 kg artificial sugar.
She said around 900 kg substandard and unhygienic non-food grade colour, artificial sugar (sweetness-mathas) and other adulterated products were seized.
About 122 brands of Chalia (Sweet Supari) are easily available everywhere, which is prepared by artificial color and artificial sugar. It is proven that artificial color is a carcinogen (cancer).
He said that around 120 brands were easily available in Pakistan and these were prepared with artificial colours and artificial sugar, hence it was proven that such a mixture could easily cause diseases like cancer.
However, cHAP and other mice on the alcohol diet together with the artificial sugar maltodextrin had greater hepatosteatosis and overall degree of liver injury compared to mice that consumed a diet of alcohol and water together with maltodextrin.