Artillery Group

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Artillery Group


a combination of various artillery subunits, units, or large units under a single command for the more convenient direction of artillery in performing combat and operational missions.

Artillery groups began to be formed in the Russian Army during World War I in the year 1916. In the Soviet Army the formation of artillery groups was determined by the Field Service Regulations of 1925. During the Great Patriotic War (1941–45) artillery groups were established at the regimental, divisional, and army levels. They received the name and number of the combined arms unit (of whatever size) whose battle or operation they were supporting. In order to protect the troops from the actions of enemy aviation, antiaircraft artillery groups were created. The composition of an artillery group was determined in each individual case, depending upon the situation.

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The other members of the advisory council appointed on August 16 are Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia chairman, Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim; Khazanah Nasional education adviser Datuk Satinah Syed Saleh; former Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia deputy vice-chancellor Datuk Sukiman Sarmani who is also a chemistry and nuclear science specialist; Air Defence Artillery Group Malaysia CommanAder Brigadier General Datuk Yusri Anwar and Prof Ruzita Mohd Amin.
Stephen was sent to France at the beginning of October 1916 and joined 116 Heavy Battery, part of 48 Heavy Artillery Group (HAG), in the field on 4th October.
Their initial success was recorded by an observation officer reporting to the right artillery group participating in the attack, who, at 6.05 pm, sent a message stating: "Infantry are in".
Behind them, on the slopes, was the USAFFE artillery group, and facing them were the big guns of Corregidor.
Dillard was sent to Bavaria to serve as an Administrative Specialist in the 349th Field Artillery Group. After completing Officer Candidate School in 1947, Second Lieutenant Dillard emerged as honor graduate of his Infantry Officers Basic Course.
He was drafted in 1968, serving with the 41st Artillery Group as a chaplain's assistant in South Vietnam's Central Highlands.
(7.) Counter Battery Staff Officer--Heavy Artillery Group.
The exercise was held by the Field Artillery Group as part of UNIFIL's quick reaction force with the LAF's 65th Artillery Battalion.
The core of the border covering forces was to be made up by the covering units of ground troops, Air-Defence Artillery Group, Air Force, Navy and Naval Fortresses.

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