Artistic Conflict

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Conflict, Artistic


(Russian, kolliziia), the contradiction, clash, or struggle of forces in an artistic work. Introduced into aesthetics by G. Hegel, the term is used synonymously with konflikt, but it implies that the contradiction is on a historical, global, or universal scale. The contradiction is also an aspect of internal structure, the method rather than the object of artistic representation.

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I and the am-drama society decided to go our separate ways following an artistic conflict.
Major has recently described the voices of African American poets as being "constructed out of intense cultural and artistic conflict and cross-fertilization" ("Introduction" xli).
It's an artistic conflict that parallels the film's political conundrum and its romantic dilemma, a credit to Najjar's architectural gifts as a screenwriter.
The life of singer and activist Simone, who died in 2003, embodied important social and artistic conflicts, which heightened Emmy-winning director Liz Garbus 'interest in telling Simone's dramatic biography.
The background to the 1937 Munich exhibition, then, must encompass longstanding unease about modernism, the artistic conflicts of the late Wilhelmine Empire, and the Nazi association of modernism with the Weimar democracy, as well as precursor exhibitions or Schandausstellungeti (exhibitions of shame) that were held from 1933 onwards.
It dramatises the romantic and artistic conflicts of four characters.
The chapter on Bayreuth is fascinating, but I would have liked more than just passing remarks about the artistic conflicts between Wolfgang and Wieland Wagner as they worked to restore the Festival.
From its commercial world to its cultural and artistic roots, TOTAL CHAOS offers students of sociology an excellent survey that runs the gamut from gender issues to artistic conflicts within the hiphop environment.
The more successful individual poems deal with her own artistic conflicts: the inclination to dwell purely in the realm of art as opposed to speaking polemically for her black brethren.