Artsikhovskii, Vladimir

Artsikhovskii, Vladimir Martynovich


Born June 26 (July 8), 1876, in Zhitomir; died June 13, 1931, in Moscow. Soviet botanist. Professor at the Don Polytechnic Institute (1907–22); rector of the Advanced Women’s Natural Science Courses in Novocherkassk, which he organized; professor at the Moscow Forestry Institute (1922–25).

Artsikhovskii’s main works dealt with the sterilizing effect of poisons on seeds and with the antagonism of salts (for the chemical reclamation of solonetzes), with the water regimen of wood, with the anatomical structure of saxaul, and with pigments. He developed a method for aeroponics, the open-air cultivation of plants (1910). He published works on the search for chlorophyll on other planets.


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