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(əro͞o`bə), island, autonomous part of the Netherlands (2005 est. pop. 71,600), 69 sq mi (179 sq km), in the Lesser Antilles off the coast of Venezuela. OranjestadOranjestad
, town and port (1991 pop. 20,045), capital and administrative center of Aruba, in the Lesser Antilles. Oranjestad is a tourist destination with hotels and fine beaches; most of the island's population is concentrated here. A historical and archaelogical museum are here.
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 is the capital and main port. The population is largely of mixed European and indigenous Caribbean descent. Roman Catholics make up more than 80% of the island's population. Dutch is the official language, but many Arubans also speak Papiamento (a Spanish-based creole with Portuguese, Dutch, and English elements) and English. Tourism, oil refining, and offshore banking are the economic mainstays of the island, although Aruba's refinery has been closed for extended periods since the mid-1980s. The reigning monarch of the Netherlands, the titular head of state, is represented by a governor-general. Aruba's government is led by a prime minister; its unicameral 21-seat legislature is popularly elected. The Spanish claimed Aruba in 1499. It fell to the Dutch in 1636 and since then, with the exception of a few years during the Napoleonic Wars, it has belonged to the Netherlands. Aruba was part of the Netherlands AntillesNetherlands Antilles,
former autonomous country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands consisting of several islands in the West Indies. Earlier known as the Dutch West Indies and Netherlands West Indies, the island country consisted of Bonaire and Curaçao, both lying off
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 until 1986 and is still linked with them economically.


Official name: Aruba Capital city: Oranjestad Internet country code: .aw Flag description: Blue, with two narrow, horizontal, yellow stripes across the lower portion and a red four-pointed star outlined in white in the upper hoist-side corner

National anthem: “Aruba Dushi Tera”

Geographical description: Island in the Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela

Total area: 112 sq. mi. (180 sq. km.)

Climate: Tropical marine; little seasonal temperature varia­tion

Nationality: noun: Aruban(s); adjective: Aruban

Population: 100,018 (July 2007 CIA est.)

Ethnic groups: Mixed European/Caribbean Amerindian 80%, other 20%

Languages spoken: Dutch (official) 5.8%, Papiamento (Spanish-Portuguese-Dutch-English dialect) 66.3%, Span­ish, English

Religions: Roman Catholic 82%, Protestant and other Christian 8%, other (Hindu, Muslim, Confucian, Jewish) 10%


an island in the Caribbean, off the NW coast of Venezuela, a dependency of the Netherlands with special status; part of the Netherlands Antilles until 1986. Chief town: Oranjestad. Pop.: 100 000 (2003 est.). Area: about 181 sq. km (70 sq. miles)
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While Aruban authorities initiated searches for Holloway throughout the island and surrounding waters, the soon-to-be-high-school graduate's body was never found.
The Network of Eternal Democracy (RED) and Aruban Patriotic Movement (MPA) did not return to parliament.
While the Papiamento restaurant, housed in a 175-year-old Aruban manor, is an enriching one and said to be one of Queen Beatrix's favourites when she visits.
The relatively young author Roland Colastica and the even younger Aruban author residing in the Netherlands, Quito Nicolaas, are unintended loners whose voices are not (yet?
Then we stayed in contact with Aruban veterinary teams to monitor the pattern of positive screwworm cases and to identify additional areas for ground release as needed," Phillips says.
And of course, the Aruban print and radio reporters, who quickly became everyone's favorite sources of speculation.
In the Caribbean, IMSA has an equity interest in Antillianse Verffabriek, Curacao, and Aruban Paint in Aruba.
For 2002, maybe the Swiss could take a lesson from Estonia's winning team--the hip-hopping duo of Tanel Padar and Aruban native Dave Benton, who charmed juries from 23 countries with the soul song "Everybody.
After ceasing flights on 23 October, Air Aruba has had its operating licence suspended by both the Aruban and US governments.
They can savor the fresh local seafood or sample Aruban specialties such as scavechi, sopi di jambo, and kesbi yena.
American dollars are accepted everywhere, along with the Aruban florin, usually called a guilder.