Arvo Martti Oktavianus Räsänen

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Räsänen, Arvo Martti Oktavianus


Born June 25, 1893, in Simo, near Kemi, in what is now Finland. Finnish linguist.

Räsänen graduated from the University of Helsingfors and studied in Kazan, Leipzig, Budapest, Berlin, and Paris. He was a professor at the University of Helsinki from 1944 to 1961. A member of scientific expeditions in Kazan Province (1915–17) and Anatolia (1925 and 1931–32), he recorded and published samples of the living folk dialects. He wrote numerous works on comparative linguistics, Turkic studies, Finno-Ugric studies, phonetics, grammar, etymology of the Turkic languages, and the Cheremis language.


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