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The group of people who migrated from their original Indo-European homeland stretching from Eastern Europe to Central Asia called themselves Aryans ("noble ones").

Beginning around 1500 BCE, some migrated down through the Khyber Pass into India, superimposing their pastoral lifestyle over the agricultural customs of the indigenous people, and forming the background for Hinduism.

Others moved eastward into present-day Iran, building the foundation of what would become Persian Zoroastrianism. Their language, Sanskrit, is closely related to other Indo-European languages, as is their culture and religion. Yet another group migrated westward into Europe, eventually becoming Greeks, Romans, and Germanic peoples, Slavs and Balts.

Eventually, of course, the migration jumped the Atlantic and asserted itself among the indigenous peoples in what is now North America.

Aryans have historically been identified as a warring culture. They were originally tribal, with each tribe headed by a war chief. Because they had domesticated the horse and invented the chariot, they were a fierce opponent in battle, and their early skills in metallurgy produced superior weaponry.

Aryans produced the very first scriptures. Although they did not possess a written language, they composed hymns and ritual verses known as Vedas, transmitted orally in priestly families and castes. Vedas were thought to be timeless, eternal truths heard by the rishis, the seer-prophets of old. After the invention of writing, Vedas became the foundation of Hinduism. The Rig Veda is the oldest, containing more than one thousand hymns.

The word for God in Sanskrit is deva, meaning "shining" or "auspicious." By this, Aryans referred to the powers experienced in the various aspects of nature— wind, fire, water, speech, and consciousness.

Aryans must be separated from Aryanism. "Aryan" simply denotes ancestry. Aryanism, according to Webster's dictionary, was the doctrine put forth by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler that Aryan people "possess superior capacities for government, social organization and civilization." This is the "superior race" doctrine that led to the formulation of what was to be the "Thousand-Year Reich," an ultra-nationalistic German regime headed by Hitler. Under his leadership, the Nazis conducted a systematic slaughter of several million people they had labeled non-Aryans, including Jews, Poles, and Roma (Gypsies). Germany's defeat in World War II ended the ThousandYear Reich, but various hate groups, who often use religion to justify their bigotry, still carry on the philosophy.

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a term which has various usages in literature. The concept “Aryans” was already used in the mid-19th century to designate peoples belonging to the Indo-European linguistic community. This use of the term was developed in racist literature (especially in fascist Germany), which added to it a tendentious and antiscientific meaning. The only justifiable and scientifically acceptable use of the term “Aryan” at the present time is in reference to the tribes and peoples which spoke Indo-Iranian languages. In the oldest writings of the Indo-Iranian peoples they called themselves Aryans, which meant people with full rights, as distinguished from neighboring or subjugated peoples. A whole group of geographic and ethnic names derives from the word “Aryan.” An example is the modern name Iran (from Aryanam, “the country of the Aryans”) and others. In a number of instances, “Aryan” was the name used by a tribe to refer to itself—for example, the tribe of Medes known as the Arizanteans (“the tribe of Aryans”); the Sarmatian tribe of Aryans called the Alans; and the term “Allen,” used by the Ossets in folklore when referring to themselves (derived from the Old Iranian aryana).


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