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Arzamas Scientific and Production Enterprise "Temp-Avia" JSC (Nizhniy Novgorod region);
Chapter 2 presents an exploration of the phenomenon of rudeness in Arzamas culture, drawing from speech act theory and sociologists like Erving Goffman, as well as a wealth of persuasive (and amusing) evidence from the society's archives.
The Russian semi-automatic loading rifled 2S9 Nona-S 120mm howitzer/ mortar system (on the Volgograd Tractor Plant BMD amphibious airborne infantry fighting vehicle) and 2S23120mm self-propelled howitzer/mortar (on an eight-wheel drive Arzamas BTR-80 chassis) fill a similar role.
(2) National Research, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhniy Novgorod (Arzamas Branch), K.
He was signing his own name and identifying himself accurately as having worked at the Soviet Arzamas 16 nuclear weapons laboratory.
The SPM-2 GAZ-233036 "Tiger" is a high-mobility multipurpose military vehicle manufactured by MIC, a GAZ Group division, at the Arzamas machine-manufacturing plant.
To study and develop scorecards physical development used the results of anthropometric screenings 4619 rural students (2137 boys and 2482 girls) conducted in 21 districts of the Nizhny Novgorod region (Table 1) paediatricians Health Center for Children Arzamas, teams of scientific laboratory staff "monitoring the physical health of students at all levels of education" Arzamas UNN branch affte N.I.
Three cars on a train carrying the explosive substance hexogen to Kazakhstan detonated in Arzamas, Gorky Oblast, USSR, killing 91 and injuring about 1,500.