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(ā`sə), in the Bible, king of Judah, son and successor of Abijah. He was a good king, zealous in his extirpation of idols. When Baasha of Israel took Ramah (a few miles N of Jerusalem), Asa bought the help of Benhadad of Damascus and recaptured Ramah. His son Jehoshaphat succeeded him.
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American National Standards Institute

An independent organization of trade associations, technical societies, professional groups, and consumer organizations; establishes and publishes standards; formerly known as the United States of America Standards Institute (USASI or ASI), and previously as the American Standards Association (ASA).
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Cisco ASA

(Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance) A family of network security devices from Cisco that provide firewall, intrusion prevention (IPS) and virtual private network (VPN) capabilities. Introduced in 2005, the ASA brand superseded Cisco's stand-alone PIX firewalls, IPS and VPN devices. See Cisco PIX.
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The statement asked all writers and intellectuals to inform the relevant departments and ASA, if they have any credible evidences about the alleged claims.
However, the ASA said that such content could be examined if a company adopted it and used positive endorsements to advertise.
The ASA president, who has proven to be a thorn in VC Dr Ashraf's side, expressed the fear that due to the resistance of the incumbent VC, there was a possibility the next semester at the varsity may be put on hold.
Dr Hafiz Mohammad Bashir said in his speech on the occasion that new elected ASA body would keep IIUI's progress as top priority.
In the early days of the organization, some members felt that because ASA did not take a YEC stance that it was becoming an advocate of theistic evolution (TE).
Results: Stomach was the target organ of interaction when DHI and ASA were used in combination.
The new share capital of Bonheur ASA is NOK53,164,866.25, which is divided on 42,531,893 shares each with a nominal value of NOK1.25 each.
Protein World - 380 complaints, not upheld: The ASA told Protein World that their posters asking people if they were "beach body ready" could not appear again in their current form, but ultimately found the campaign was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence.
A great deal of engineering goes into designing ASA rubber intermediates for impact, particle size, and performance characteristics that ultimately affect the final ASA refractive index.
Although there are similarities to the USMC Combat Hunter program, the Army developed the 50-hour ASA basic course and implemented it in late 2011.
: ABSTRACTObjective: Several studies have demonstrated the beneficial role of antiplatelet therapy with acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) at atherosclerotic vascular disease.
FOXBORO -- Asa Watson remembers sitting on the couch watching the Patriots' 2005 AFC playoff game against the Broncos on TV.