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(Assyrian, Al-Shuri akh-Iddin). King of Assyria (680–669 B. C.). Ascended the throne as a result of civil war; supported by the merchant and priest party.

Esarhaddon restored the city of Babylon, which had been destroyed by his father, Sennacherib; he also reconfirmed the privileges of several towns and introduced taxes to be used for the temples. Esarhaddon waged wars in Arabia (676) and in Phoenicia and Egypt (675–671). He assumed Egyptian regal titles after capturing Memphis. In 673–672 he undertook a campaign to Shubria (on the border with Urartu). During these years, Media broke off from Assyria as a result of the revolt of the Mede Kashtariti, who was supported by the Scythians.


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