Asatiani, Levan

Asatiani, Levan Nikiforovich


Born 1900 in Tbilisi; died there May 14, 1955. Soviet literary scholar.

Asatiani graduated from the University of Tbilisi in 1927. He is the author of works on such classics of Georgian literature as D. Guramishvili, A. Chavchavadze, G. Orbeliani, and Vazha Pshavela. Of great interest are his book The Life of Akakii Tsereteli (1940) and the works Pushkin and Georgian Literature (1949), Mayakovsky and Georgia (1951), and From the History of the Mutual Cultural Relations of Georgia and the Ukraine (1954).


Asathiani, L. Rtcheula natserebi, vols. 1–2. Tbilisi, 1958–60.
In Russian translation:
Zhizn’ Akakiia Tsereteli. Tbilisi, 1947.
Druzhba bratskikh literatur. Tbilisi, 1958.