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, city (1994 pop. 80,100), SW Israel, on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a beach resort in an area of citrus groves and cotton plantations. Ashqelon's industries process agricultural products and manufacture cement, plastics, electronic equipment, and watches.
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, Israel.
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199-200 ('Alimenon [...] crossed the Ocean Sea to attack Galicia, then sailed through the English Channel and across the Mediterranean to attack the area of Ascalon and the regions of Constantinople, Sicily, the town of Bari and other coastal towns, the region of Barcelona, and all the kingdoms of the Franks').
And the communities here need to realise with development comes a lot of benefits, but can also create a lot of stresses, a lot of negative impact on their environment," Ascalon said.
Al-Haddad's composition hews closely to the imaginative territory of Scott and Sarruf, adapting The Talisman's, set of durable Crusades legends, especially that of Saladin's secret mission to heal Richard in Ascalon. By contrast, Anton's al-Sultan Salah al-Din (Saladin and the Kingdom of Jerusalem) portrays the royal Ayyubid court mostly as a strategic space, where Muslim elites mentally comprehend Jerusalem and its soon-to-be-ousted Crusading rulers.
Earlier, Lam was chief investment officer for Ascalon Capital Managers Limited, a multi-boutique manager specialising in making and managing investments in multiple alternative investment managers.
Most recently, Lewis served as managing director for Europe at SuperGen (now Otsuka Pharmaceutical) between 2006 and 2010, and was senior vice president of Ascalon Inc from 2010 until 2012.
Designed by Brad Ascalon, the collection is a throwback to 1950s Danish modern design.
(60) Book 3 appropriates the deceased Cato into this dialogue as the spokesman for Stoicism by presenting a fictionalized meeting between Cicero and Cato at Lucullus's library (3.7f.), while the last book, set in Athens in 79 BCE, features a discussion between much younger versions of Cicero, his brother Quintus, his late cousin Lucius, and Atticus about Antiochus of Ascalon's views on ethics (5.If.).