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see AshqelonAshqelon
, city (1994 pop. 80,100), SW Israel, on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a beach resort in an area of citrus groves and cotton plantations. Ashqelon's industries process agricultural products and manufacture cement, plastics, electronic equipment, and watches.
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, Israel.
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Deputy Consul General Jaime Ascalon said the Filipino hackers joked that "in terms of skills, the US just about matches Philippine skills.
Dunn, who has significant experience across the funds management industry, has most recently served as the chief financial officer of Ascalon Capital Managers Limited.
Most recently, Lewis served as managing director for Europe at SuperGen (now Otsuka Pharmaceutical) between 2006 and 2010, and was senior vice president of Ascalon Inc from 2010 until 2012.
Designed by Brad Ascalon, the collection is a throwback to 1950s Danish modern design.
La estela conmemora el triunfo de este faraon sobre una serie de pueblos y territorios: Libia, Hatti, Canaan, Ascalon, Yoanoam, Israel y Siria.
15) The Piacenza Pilgrim writes of traversing streets to and in Ascalon, interacting with local pagans while traveling on roads through the Sinai, and picking fruit from a tree in a settlement called Surandela.
El miedo y el hartazgo tambien se respiran al otro lado de la frontera con Gaza; ciudades israelies como Asdod, Ascalon o Sederot, vecinas de la franja, viven bajo la amenaza de los cohetes de las milicias palestinas.
Marcus Blackmore and Hooligan crew came home the winner from James Hawkins and Andrew Howe's Ascalon in the six race series held over the weekend.
She was carrying, among other things, her 15-page affidavit, which she subscribed and sworn to last February 4 before Consul General Jaime Ramon Ascalon in San Fransisco, United States.
Alexium's fire retardant treatment for 95% nylon-based products is marketed under the Ascalon trademark.