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* A Holy Communion service for Ascension Day at St John's Church was conducted by the Rev John Capstick, who was also the celebrant.
"But why should Ascension Day be so special?" Ah ...
The Gospel mentioned the Ascension Day more than once in more than one place with slight variations in detail.
Tomorrow is ascension day for many of our students who will go back to school to pursue their hopes and dreams for a better future.
Last Thursday was Ascension day when we remembered Jesus returning to the immediate presence of his Father God.
On an adjusted basis, pretax profit rose 15% to GBP226.3 million.FirstGroup shares were up 8.2% early Thursday.Here is what you need to know at the London market open: MARKETS FTSE 100: up 0.1% at 7,193.16 Hang Seng: down 0.4% at 27,130.78Nikkei 225: closed down 0.3% at 20,942.53DJIA: closed down 221.36 points, 0.9%, at 25,126.41S&P 500: closed down 0.7% at 2,783.02 GBP: firm at USD1.2634 (USD1.2616)EUR: flat at USD1.1133 (USD1.1127)Gold: soft at USD1,277.20 per ounce (USD1,281.50)Oil (Brent): firm at USD69.77 a barrel (USD68.88)(changes since previous London equities close) ECONOMICS AND GENERAL Thursday's Key Economic Events still to come Switzerland Ascension Day. Financial markets closedFrance and Germany Ascension Day.
Other days he suggests are Ascension Day (movable), the day honouring Apostolos Varnavas founder of the Cypriot Church on June 11, the day of the Three Hierarchs, honouring three men made saints by the Greek Orthodox Church for their contribution to Christian theology, marked on January 30, and the Feast of the Saint of community or parish where an individual school is located.
Others are Eli Gottlieb, The Boy Who Went Away (1998); Magnus Mills, The Restraint of Beasts (1999); Chris Dolan, Ascension Day (2000); Giles Waterfield, The Long Afternoon (2001); Manil Suri, The Death of Vishnu (2002); Mary Lawson, Crow Lake (2003); Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (2004); Lloyd Jones, Mr Vogel (2005).
In addition, the University of Chester Choir will join the festivities in performing items from their recent repertoire, which includes a rendition of O Happy Day which they will be singing from the top of the highest tower in the main campus at breakfast time today, Ascension Day (May 10).
Ascension Day (Thursday, May 10) at 7.30 pm at St Saviour's, Dunblane Area Council Ascension Day Eucharist.
A Good Friday B Ascension Day C Whit Sunday D Shrove Tuesday 5.
The RAK Police had earlier announced a 55 per cent discount for 32 days on all types of traffic fines to mark the 7th anniversary of the Ascension Day of H.H.