Ascension Island

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Ascension Island,

Caroline Islands: see PohnpeiPohnpei
, state and island (1991 est. pop. 52,000), 129 sq mi (334 sq km), W Pacific, in the E Caroline Islands. It is one of four states comprising the Federated States of Micronesia.
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And Ascension Island is the second largest breeding ground for green turtles, which can be seen by moonlight, making their slow and stately progress from the shore to lay their eggs in the sand dunes.
The government of St Helena, a British Overseas Territory that includes Ascension Island, has thanked Paul and Craig for their key role in the rescue on April 21.
A combined area of ocean bigger than Germany and France will be made into fully protected marine reserves around Pitcairn Islands, in the South Pacific, and Ascension Island, in the South Atlantic.
After an overnight flight they landed on Ascension Island.
Given the fishing challenges he's undertaken before now - catching half-ton sharks in Ascension Island and the fattest fish on earth in Costa Rica - he's more than proven his worth, but this time, he's out for more than just fish.
"I have to go to Brize Norton, the RAF base, and go to Ascension Island," Canon Roy said.
ASCENSION Island was discovered in 1501 but has no indigenous population.
Dean served as a steward aboard the Tidespring when it was sent from Gibraltar to Ascension Island and on to South Georgia, another British territory more than 800 miles from the Falklands.
During his training Simon has been staying at a military base on the Ascension Island supported by the RAF.