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(aerospace engineering)
Motion of a craft in which the path is inclined upward with respect to the horizontal.
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What does it mean when you dream about an ascent?

Dreaming of moving up—in an elevator or by other means—indicates accomplishment and reward for achievements.

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"Slowly and steadily we kept on our way over this dangerous part of the ascent, and I dare say it was fortunate for some of us that attention was distracted from the head by the paramount necessity of looking after the feet; FOR, WHILE ON THE LEFT THE INCLINE OF ICE WAS SO STEEP THAT IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY MAN TO SAVE HIMSELF IN CASE OF A SLIP, UNLESS THE OTHERS COULD HOLD HIM UP, ON THE RIGHT WE MIGHT DROP A PEBBLE FROM THE HAND OVER PRECIPICES OF UNKNOWN EXTENT DOWN UPON THE TREMENDOUS GLACIER BELOW.
"And now, having demonstrated this important conclusion so that it is clear to anyone, however prejudiced or obtuse, I am of opinion that we cannot do better than break up our camp and travel to westward until we find some means of ascent."
It was not more than forty feet across at the mouth, but it rapidly closed until it ended in an acute angle, too straight and smooth for an ascent. Certainly it was not this which our pioneer had attempted to indicate.
Here was the point, and this the means by which Maple White and his ill-fated comrade had made their ascent.
The climb was a more simple thing now that the rope dangled down the face of the worst part of the ascent. Within an hour we had brought up the rifles and a shot-gun.
As the Doctor delivered his injunctions between the intervals of his ascent, by the time they were concluded, both he and his auditor had gained the upper level.
The Huron instantly turned, and commenced a rapid retreat up the ascent.
The course lay up the ascent, and still continued hazardous and laborious.
His keen eye took a single look at the victims, and then shot its glances over the difficulties of the ascent in his front.
In this section we introduce a transformation on ascent sequences and show some applications.
When Diotima describes the process of drawing closer to the highest beauty, she again emphasizes the teleological structure of the ascent: When someone rises up from these earlier loves, through loving boys correctly, and begins to see that beauty, then he has almost reached the end [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.].
Edmondson Bell, associate professor of business administration at Dartmouth College, ASCENT was recently launched in conjunction with Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and the UCLA Anderson School of Management.