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The Federal Aviation Administration and the airline industry become concerned for trans-Pacific flights when an ash cloud has the potential to exceed 20,000 feet (6,100 meters).
On the ground, information from aircraft with AVOID technology would be used to build an accurate image of the volcanic ash cloud using real time data.
At least six international flights from Perth to Denpasar, Indonesia, have been cancelled due to the ongoing effects of the volcanic ash cloud since the eruption of an Indonesian volcano on Friday.
Easyjet, a UK-based low-cost air carrier, is to carry out tests relating to the operation of aircraft near volcanic ash clouds, using a tonne of ash collected in Iceland.
Scientists at the observatory said the ash cloud was drifting at approximately 15,000 ft and was approximately 80 KM/50 miles moving ESE from the volcano.
The easyJet testing technology makes it feasible for pilots to identify an ash cloud ahead at altitudes between 5,000 and 50,000ftr Prata told the Guardian that AVOID uses 'two fast-sampling thermal infrared cameras' that make images of anything that is in front of the aircraft.
Virgin said the figure was achieved despite the ash cloud crisis costing the airline pounds 40m.
Australian officials said the ash cloud had travelled more than 2,500 miles in 24 hours and had been driven across southeastern Australia by strong southerly winds.
Contrary to their stance last week, Virgin spokesman Colin Lippiatt says the airline has been advised it is not safe to fly underneath the ash cloud, according to ABC News.
Dabbas pointed out that the airline formed a committee to follow the ash cloud movement that is slowly being pushed by the wind towards Sudan and the northwestern regions,
He added that the company will inform passengers of any changes the ash cloud might impose on to its flight schedule.
THE latest Icelandic ash cloud crisis was shortlived but it had a big effect on holidaymakers' future plans, according to a survey.