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(əshkhəbät`), formerly


city (1991 pop. 412,200), capital of Turkmenistan, near the border with Iran, on the Trans-Caspian RR. The city has textile, motion picture, and crafts industries. Ashgabat was founded in 1881 as a fortress. From 1919 to 1927 it was named Poltoratsk. An earthquake in 1948 virtually destroyed the city, which stands in a major fault zone. The southern section of the city has been extensively developed since the 1990s, with wide boulevards and monumental buildings, many them clad in white marble. The Turkmen Academy of Sciences is in Ashgabat.


, Ashgabat
the capital of Turkmenistan. Pop.: 598 000 (2005 est.)
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Before arriving in Ashkabad, Minister Caglayan visited the Xinjiang region of China and met with the regional Governor Nur Bekri.
Caglayan will attend the inauguration of the "Turkish Export Products Fair" in Ashkabad later today.
The mountain front consists of the precipitous north-facing scarps and deep valleys of the Kopet Dag range which rises abruptly from the piedmont, on which the city of Ashkabad stands, to over 2500 m along the crest of the range.
Pakistan and Turkmenistan have agreed to sign an agreement on November 15, at Ashkabad, to supply 1.
ASHKABAD, May 18, 2011 (TUR) -- A monument titled "Constitution Monument" and built by a Turkish company was inaugurated in the Turkmen capital of Ashkabad on Wednesday as part of celebrations to mark the national Constitution Day and Festival of Development and National Unity.
In all, 28 airlines operate from BIA, with destinations ranging from Ashkabad and Tashkent, to Jersey and Dundee.
ASHKABAD, Nov 8, 2010 (TUR) -- A ground breaking ceremony for central Asia's biggest "Olympics Complex" took place in Turkmenistan's capital of Ashkabad on Sunday.
But Kasaizadeh also said the two sides had discussed the price of gas at last week's meeting in Ashkabad.
According to one local, a disgruntled customer from Ashkabad in the CIS, on discovering he had been sold a faulty television set, bought another ticket to Dubai and took it straight back to the souq.
ISLAMABAD - Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan will sign a tripartite Gas Pipeline Framework Agreement at a summit meeting in Ashkabad from December 26-27 to formally launch the US$3.
India opened up Balochistan specific three consulates in Zahidan, Bandar Abbas and Ashkabad in Iran and established refugee camps for Balochistan dissidents in Kandahar, Spin Boldak, Helmand and Nimroz," the report stated.
People from Ashkabad to Zanzibar won't have a clue where West Midlands or where Sandwell is, for example, but after a quick glance at a UK map will find a great big dot slap bang in the middle of the country labelled Birmingham.