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, eponym of a people perhaps localized in Armenia. He was grandson of Japheth. Gen. 10.3. Ashchenaz: 1 Chron. 1.6; Jer. 51.27. In modern times the term Ashkenazim refers to the German Jews as distinguished from the Sephardim, the Jews of Spain and Portugal.
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Moynihan in 1975, that even in the midst of assimilation and "absorption" into American culture over generations, "in the course of participating in this process, [ethnic Americans] may also--simultaneously--become more 'ethnic.'" (20) In this context, genetic explorations of Jewish heritage appear to be growing in volume just as Ashkenazi Jews increasingly seem like merely another kind of white person in America.
Haaretz tried to define Israeliapartheid as "the meticulous sub-division of the people in Israel, guided by a principle of equality that benefits the ruling class", which is the Aryan European Ashkenazi Jews over the Semitic Eastern Arab Jews and the Semitic Palestinian Arab native population.
Critica inverted the stereotype of the Ashkenazi Jew as the "other," using him as a symbol of the successful assimilation of the immigrants and their positive contribution to the economy and culture.
This has resulted in some interesting discoveries, including the discovery earlier this year that today's Ashkenazi Jewish population descends from just around 300-400 Ashkenazi Jews during the Medieval Ages.
Salary gaps between Jews and Arabs and between Mizrahi Jews (Israeli-born Jews whose fathers were born in Asia or Africa) and Ashkenazi Jews (Israeli-born Jews whose fathers were born in Europe or America) are substantial.
of South Alabama) recounts how about 100,000 Ashkenazi Jews left Central and Eastern Europe between 1905 and 1930 to settle in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and helped create a new porteno urban national identity while retaining their Jewish ethnic identity.
Jordan and Palestine, meanwhile, are one and the same, and Jordan cannot be an occupier because the Jordanians are Arabs in their own land, and not European Ashkenazi Jews. The Christian West had murdered six million of the latter in the Holocaust, and as a result, the Palestinians paid the price for the crime of the Christian West and continue to pay the price.
In his brief two months as leader, Bennett has sought to enlarge his party's traditional base by building a broad electoral list, including a Sephardic rabbi in the faction that has traditionally leant towards Ashkenazi Jews of European origin.
As for the literary portrayals, the editor attempts to give a balanced view of the historical development of Ashkenazi Jews in Polish lands.
Behar and fourteen colleagues showed that about 40 percent of Ashkenazi Jews, estimated at eight million people, were traced to only four women/families carrying distinct mtDNAs absent in non-Jewish populations.
Abu El-Haj is therefore critical of those who privilege the Y-chromosome evidence to assert "a genetic link among Jewish groups" and that "Jews could trace their male lineages back to biblical Palestine", when the evidence from mitochondrial DNA tells a different story, particularly for "the founding mothers of Ashkenazi Jews" (p.