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Elias Ashmole
BirthplaceLichfield, Staffordshire, England
antiquarian, politician, officer of arms, astrologer and alchemist

Ashmole, Elias

(ăsh`mōl), 1617–92, English archaeologist and antiquary. He made exhaustive antiquarian studies, especially The Institution, Laws and Ceremonies of the Order of the Garter (1672) and The Antiquities of Berkshire (3 vol., 1719). In 1677 he donated to the Univ. of Oxford a collection of curiosities, including his own contributions and those bequeathed to him by a friend. His gift formed the nucleus of the Ashmolean Museum (ăshmō`lēən), the first such public institution in England. He later donated his library to Oxford, and the whole was housed in a building erected by Sir Christopher WrenWren, Sir Christopher,
1632–1723, English architect. A mathematical prodigy, he studied at Oxford. He was professor of astronomy at Gresham College, London, from 1657 to 1661, when he became Savilian professor of astronomy at Oxford.
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. The collection is now in a 19th-century building and includes European works of art from medieval to present times as well as Asian works.


See his Autobiographical and Historical Notes and Correspondence, ed. by C. H. Josten (1967).

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The victim was attacked at about 8.15pm on Tuesday at the junction of Anson Road and Ashmole Road.
1683: The first public museum, the Ashmolean, was opened by Elias Ashmole in Oxford.
NATIONAL DAY OF SWEDEN 1683: The first public museum, the Ashmolean, was opened by Elias Ashmole in Oxford.
Here Ashmole Primary School, Ashmole Street, London, SW8 1NT, is put into focus to show its scores in relation to other schools in the area.
In 1677 English politician and collector Elias Ashmole donated his encyclopedic collection known as a cabinet of curiosities that included geological and zoological specimens along with engravings, books and coins to Oxford University, thus planting the seed for the world's first university museum.
Generally the natural stones that are used in construction and decoration purposes are called dimension stone (Ashmole, 2008; Merke, 2000).
Vital to her study are Elias Ashmole and Anthony Wood, John Aubrey, Joshua Childrey, Samuel Hartlib, John Ray, and Edward Lhuyd.
The stated objective of the project is to 'recreate an extensive tract of wild and largely wooded land, evoking the pristine countryside of 6,000 years ago' (Ashmole and Ashmole, 2009: 6), (10) and to this end over half a million trees and shrubs have been planted which are deemed native to the valley at this particular time and place, including rowan, birch, alder, hazel and sessile oak (Matthews, 2009: 146).
On the recto and verso of folio 98 in MS Ashmole 176, one scribe has copied together four "songs of wantonness" about gendered embodiment, violence, and desire.