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The boat that ran aground off Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara province on Sunday was trying to cross to the Australian-controlled Ashmore Reef, Budi Santoso, head of the Indonesian police's asylum seeker taskforce said in a text message.
The 40-metre on-station vessel, built at Strategic's multi-purpose shipyard in Vung Tau, Vietnam, is designed for flexible self-sufficiency and long term deployment at Ashmore Reef, an external territory of Australia 450 nautical miles East from Darwin in the Indian Ocean.
Compared to our own Ashmore Reef and Christmas Island, surprisingly few of these Franco-British territories consider the issue a problem, but of those that do, Mayotte and French Guiana are presented as case studies.
Griffith, "The corals collected during September/October 1997 at Ashmore Reef, Timor Sea," A Report to Parks Australia, Western Australian Museum, Perth, Australia, 1997.
Another beached at the Cocos Islands yesterday and yet another was detected at Ashmore Reef.Almost 70 Tamil asylum seekers were flown 1000km from the Cocos Islands to the packed detention centre on Christmas Island.
After being intercepted by Indonesian police some nine months ago while out at sea trying to reach Ashmore Reef, Australia's uninhabited farthest island they were escorted back to shore to the local detention centre where they are stranded in a no-mans land with few options left.
Timor Sea, north-western Australia: Ashmore Reef: WAM P.29047-039, 2(17-23), 20-25 m.
The small wooden fishing vessel, containing 49 asylum seekers thought to be from Iraq or Afghanistan, was being held by Australian border patrol vessels on Ashmore Reef after it was intercepted Wednesday.
The boat had been intercepted on Wednesday by Australian navy patrol ships near Ashmore Reef, about 840km from the northern city of Darwin.
Australia has a number of island territories to its north, including Christmas Island, Ashmore Reef, and Cocos Island, all of which are proximate to Indonesia, a major transit country for people smuggling to Australia.
The redefining of the territorial status of Christmas Island, Ashmore Reef and the Cocos Islands, placing them beyond the `migration zone', suggests a rather more fluid concept of territorial integrity.