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or Ashoka,
d. c.232 B.C., Indian emperor (c.273–c.232 B.C.) of the Maurya dynasty; grandson of Chandragupta. One of the greatest rulers of ancient India, he brought nearly all India, together with Baluchistan and Afghanistan, under one sway for the
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I will be addressing LSE students on how everyone a change maker culture will help our country which has largest youth population in the world," said Yashveer Singh, Director of Ashoka Innovators.
Nayanjot Lahiri has "used archaeology extensively to evoke the times in which Ashoka lived," and in several cases this leads to interesting and original insights (22).
In line with the Pakistan Vision 2025, Ashoka and SAP are supporting Pakistani entrepreneurs who want to make a positive difference in society.
Ashoka was unable to complete a hat-trick off this 11lb higher mark over 2m at Warwick last time, but travelled well - touched a low of 2.
Interestingly the article regards Ashoka to be a great ruler till he embraced Buddhism, while most of the thinkers show that his humane policies, making him a great emperor, were brought in after he embraced Buddhism.
Al comentar sobre los logros de Ashoka y su lugar en la historia,
For anyone interested in ancient Indian history, Allen's Ashoka is a must-read to understand how Hindu revivalism worked to undo the emperor's legacy -- a fitting reminder perhaps in the current debate of intolerance in the country.
Ashoka 200F was developed for resource-poor farmers, using a new method of plant breeding.
Kavi turned one on July 17, Ashoka was one yesterday while Samiya will have her first birthday on September 17.
THE Iconic Mauryan emperors -- Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka the Great -- may have earned their place in history because of their valour, administrative acumen and peace policy but they are being talked about these days in Bihar for an altogether different reason: caste.
Ashoka, a global platform for social innovation, has launched a dedicated programme -- the Arab World Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ASEP) -- in Dubai.
8221; Founded December 2013 during Ashoka ChangemakerXChange in Istanbul, Turkey.