(also ashik), a folk singer and storyteller among the Azerbaijanis and neighboring peoples in the Soviet Union and Turkey. The term ashug has been known in Azerbaijan since the 15th century (the ashug Gurbani), but the art of the ashug has a still longer history (as exemplified by the ozans of the tenth and 11th centuries). The ashug in Azerbaijan has long been called El anasi (Mother of the People) in Azerbaijan, because it has always expressed the hopes of the people, defended the freedom to love, and sung of devotion to country. The lyrical poetry of the ashugs comprises dozens of forms and styles. There is a rich ashug music (havajai). Many folk dastans (epics) on amorous, heroic, and moralistic themes are attributed to the ashugs. The traditions of ashug poetry are still alive today. Ashugs perform at concerts and write songs and dastans on themes of modern life.


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They got acquainted with the "Dede Korgud quarters" (stage for performances), "Yaylak bed", "Pahlavan Square", "Ashug Alesker", "Highland table" and other thematic areas.
A book composed of numerous scientific essays on the history of the national history of the ashug art, the lifestyle of art lovers and the way of art is intended for the scientific community, vocabulary environment and teaching system.
This song became the "Song of the Year" in Armenia, and is available in Youtube under the name "Kamancha", written to the words of the Armenian ashug Sayat-Nova.
Thousands of tourists from 16 countries participated in the first National Plateau Festival held in the Duzyurd-Miskinli Plateau in the Gadabay region, in the ethno-settlement, in the Jedir Square, the "Bailey Market", "Art" They were acquainted with the Korkut Temple (stage for performances), Yaylak bed , Pahlavan Square , Ashug Alesker fire , Yaylak table and other thematic areas.
the novel, which mentioned a drunken ashug at a wedding party in Nardaran.
Systematic works have been implemented also in the promotion and popularization of miraculous Azerbaijan ashug art in the world and increasing its role in the development of the national culture.
Meanwhile, according to the proposals of Azerbaijan and Turkey, Imadeddin Nasimi and Ashug Veysal were proclaimed in 2019 in honor of the 650th anniversary of the great Azerbaijani poet and thinker Imadeddin Nasimi and Ashyg Veysel's 125th birthday.
The family dastan "Aslan Shah and Ibrahim" was performed by the master of ashug art, Ashraf Gariboglu - the last student of the legendary ashug Kyamandar.
In connection with the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the great representative of Azerbaijan ashug creativity, honored art worker Ashug Shamshirin (Shamshir Gurban oglu Gojayev) in 2018, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed the relevant decree.
People's Artists Aftandil Israfilov, Faig Agayev, honored artists Elsa Seyidjakhan, Sevil Sariyeva, Salim Abbasov, Nuriya Huseynova, Rashad Ilyasov, Javanshir Mammadov, Firuza Ibadova, Ilgar Sail, honored art worker Ashug Ahliman, popular singers Gunay Ibrahimli, Emil Badalov, Vugar Abdulov, Alikram Bayramov, Gunay Imamverdiyeva, Rufat Akhundov, Bahar Lyatifgizi and others will delight with their songs.
Mehriban Aliyeva, carpet, coppercrafts, tar, kamancha art, ashug art, croak, chevchen and others.
International Mugham Center has already implemented a number of projects including "Evenings of ashug music", "Treasury of Secrets", "Unforgettable", "Pearls of ethnic music", "Evenings of mugham", etc.