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(also Nahr al-Asi, Orontes), a river in Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey. The Asi is 571 km long and drains an area of 22,300 sq km. Rising in Lebanon in the al-Biqa Valley, it flows in Syria through Lake Homs (area, 60 sq km) and along the bottom of the marshy graben known as the al-Ghab. In Turkey it flows along the basin of Amik Gölü, with which it is linked by a channel, and then empties into the Gulf of Antakya of the Mediterranean Sea. The mean flow rate is approximately 80 cu m per sec, with increased water volume in winter. The Asi is used for irrigation. The cities of Homs, Syria, and Antakya, Turkey, are situated on the river.

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Abbr. for “Architects and Surveyors Institute.”
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Hydro now has the longest unbroken chain of ASI certifications in the industry, from mining through refining and primary aluminum production to fabrication of end products.
"ASI had five years left on its lease and enjoyed a premier location and building, but the company's workplace was no longer compatible with its business operations," said Horowitz.
Mohammad Riaz joined the police in 1995 as constable and promoted to ASI rank after passing departmental examinations.
ASI Iqbal, while confirming that he had been transferred by the DPO on the directives of some 'higher authorities' which he did not identify, stated that he did not use his uniform against anyone.
"The problem is that ASI is not willing to accept that there is a problem.
ASI began evaluating other outsourcing options and liked what it saw with Dolphin Debit.
David Bonrouhi of Calabasas Capital served as financial advisor to ASI and McGuire Woods acted as its counsel.
The CAG report has brought the boom down on the ASI for hiding facts, quoting instances where some monuments " missing" in Delhi from the 1970s have not even been listed by the ASI as such.
Both parties also agreed to later sign a joint venture agreement that will set out the details and define the respective roles and responsibilities of DWC and ASI to execute and deliver the services.
ASI offers single use, flexible systems ranging from 50mL to 5,000 Liters.
But a policeman, later identified as ASI Wajid of the Garhi Shahu police, started abusing the reporter.