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Pacific Rim,

term used to describe the nations bordering the Pacific Ocean and the island countries situated in it. In the post–World War II era, the Pacific Rim has become an increasingly important and interconnected economic region. The economic growth of the west coast of the United States has coincided with Japan's emergence as an economic superpower and with the rise of highly developed industrial economies in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong are all world financial centers. Twenty-one Pacific Rim nations, including the United States and Canada, are members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which was established in 1989 to provide a forum for discussion on a broad range of economic issues, to encourage economic cooperation, and to promote trade among the market-oriented economies of the region. A permanent secretariat was established in Singapore in 1993. In the 1994 Bogor (Indonesia) Declaration APEC members agreed to establish a free-trade zone over a 26-year period. Twelve Pacific Rim nations, including the United States, signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), an agreement to reduce or eliminate many tariffs and to set common standards on a number of trade-related issues, in 2016, but political criticism of the TPP in the United States subsequently made U.S. ratification unlikely, and President Trump withdrew (2017) from the agreement.
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The Asia-Pacific region is generating some of the world's most interesting opportunities in commercial real estate, and we expect it to be a growth engine for years to come," said Vaccaro.
Forward-looking statements in this release include statements regarding (1) PLX's growth in the Asia-Pacific region, (2) the increased strength of the relationship between PLX and its customers in China and Taiwan, (3) the staffing of the office in China, (4) the benefits for the customers of PLX in China and Taiwan.
com) is one of the world's largest companies for outsourced payment services, offering a broad range of issuer- and acquirer-processing technologies that support consumer-finance, credit, debit and prepaid services for financial institutions and retail companies in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions.
After decades in the solar business, I am honored to have the chance to offer the full range of SunPower's high-efficiency solar technology to the Asia-Pacific region," said McKenzie.
Don't be caught napping--or by surprise--by developments in the Asia-Pacific region.
It will serve scientists from the industrial, government and academic sectors within China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.
Parker's MRO hydraulic equipment customers in the Asia-Pacific region will receive communication and status reports of ACE Services capabilities on a regular basis.
WatchGuard's upgradeable and integrated security appliance strategy provides growing enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region with a truly differentiated security option," said Jeff Hurmuses, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, WatchGuard Technologies.
BioPro has been granted exclusive rights to pursue regulatory approval, distribute, market, and sell Vantas(TM) in the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan.
China Netcom Group Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited ("China Netcom") is a leading fixed-line telecommunications operator in China and a leading international data communications operator in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Asia-Pacific region is home to a slew of retail e-commerce markets that are attractive to western firms.
BOSTON -- Yankee Group today announced that it is expanding the reach of its connectivity research and consulting services in the Asia-Pacific region.

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