Asiatic Black Bear

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Asiatic Black Bear


(Ursus thibetanus), a mammal of the order Carnivora. The body of the male is 150–170 cm long, the height at the withers is approximately 80 cm, and it weighs up to 120 kg. The fur is short, lustrous, and black; on the chest there is a light patch in the shape of a half-moon. The animal is distributed in the forest regions of Southeast Asia, as well as in the Himalayas, Afghanistan, and Baluchistan; in the USSR it is found in the extreme south of the Far East.

The animal’s way of life is little known. It lives primarily in mountain deciduous forests. It is a mobile, agile animal, very adept at climbing trees. The Asiatic black bear eats basically vegetable matter, more rarely carrion and fish. The animals mate in June and July. The females give birth to one or two cubs. During the winter they sleep in a den, often in the hollows of large trees. The animals are hunted for their meat and skins, but their commercial significance is not great. In some places they have been annihilated.


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But there are pristine mountains in the region, which could provide a safe haven for the Asiatic black bear.
In China, wild Asiatic black bears (Ursus thibetanus) are protected as endangered.
ASIATIC black bears are among the tallest (brown bears being the tallest) of the bear species.
Touraj Hemmati, director of the provincial environmental department in Sistan va Baluchestan province, said rangers photographed a single Asiatic black bear near Daroukan.
1 The Asiatic black bear turns on the terrified hunters; 2 Hunter Makhan falls in leaf-filled ditch as bear looms; 3 Bear pounces on screaming Makhan as friends flee; 4 Makhan is left seriously injured
Poachers have devastated the Asiatic black bear population, which is now at a very real risk of extinction throughout most of its range in the near future.
Bongo is now settling down well and in due course will be introduced to the four Asiatic black bear females already at the zoo, which include two females which used to roam on the shores of Loch Lomond in the bear park in the 1970s.
Asiatic black bear gall bladder bile, which is extracted and then dried, is in such short supply that Asian markets have now focused their attention on another species: the North American black bear.
GHNPCA is home to several Rare and Threatened species including the Western Tragopan, Chir Pheasant, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Musk Deer, Asiatic Black Bear, Himalayan Tahr, Blue Sheep and Serow.
The Asiatic black bear has learned how to hold the biscuit between her claws and lick off all the chocolate before munching the rest of it.
Now, Caldecott Medalist Ed Young introduces kids to the rare Asiatic Black Bear in a new picture book, Moon Bear, written by Brenda Z.
A radio collar has been fitted on a six-year old Asiatic black bear that was in semi-captivity at the Animal Rescue Centre in Dachigam.