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BEAR FACTS Estimates remain sketchy, but wild populations of Asiatic black bears seem to have dropped to about 15,000 animals throughout all of Asia, says Dave Eastham of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) in London.
At present, the Asiatic black bear faces the threat of extinction.
Boris was an Asiatic black bear who visited Swansea many times in the 1920s and 30s as part of a travelling Russian circus.
A radio collar has been fitted on a six-year old Asiatic black bear that was in semi-captivity at the Animal Rescue Centre in Dachigam.
Most of the bears farmed for bile in Asia are Asiatic black bears, which are an endangered species.
Asiatic black bears were huddled in winter quarters because their outdoor enclosure was too rickety.
THE world's biggest rescue of Asiatic black bears - commonly known as "moon bears" because of the glorious golden crescents on their chests - is under way.
Endangered animals, such as asiatic black bears were also kept in debris filled pits.
Zoo director Richard O'Grady says such Asiatic black bears tend to have a sweet tooth, and often plunder bees' nests.
ASIATIC black bears are huddled in small winter quarters because their outdoor enclosure is too rickety.