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gotu kola

gotu kola

The intelligence and longevity herb. One of the most important rejuvenative herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Used to help revitalize the brain and nerve cells, increase intelligence, memory, longevity and decrease senility by improving blood flow to the brain. Supports immune function and adrenal energy, a powerful blood purifier, treats chronic skin conditions. Promotes calmness and clarity of mind, nerve function, rich in B vitamins. Lowers cholesterol, used to heal ulcers, urinary tract infections, lower blood pressure, increase memory and lifespan, and smooth muscle relaxant. Regulates the intestinal flora. Used externally to accelerate skin healing, shingles, wounds, inflammation. Gotu kola, unlike kola nut, does not contain caffeine. Rounded retro-looking leaves on thin stems that creep along the ground, with pinkish red flowers in umbrella-clusters close to the ground, each flower partly enclosed by 2 green bracts. Grows in tropical ditches and moist areas, many of the gotu kola products come from third world sewage ditches, so its good to grow your own.
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Gotu kola sambal Favoured by Ayurvedic doctors, this condiment is made from the Asiatic pennywort, a medicinal herb whose leaves are considered helpful in treating depression, improving blood circulation and protecting the heart.
The chemical composition of asiatic pennywort consists of several groups; Triterpenoid saponins and Aglycones.
The author found that broilers supplemented with 1.67 g/kg feed of crude powder and 0.40 g/kg of crude extract of Asiatic pennywort had significantly greater weight gains than those of controls on day 21 but not on day 42.