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, city (1994 pop. 80,100), SW Israel, on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a beach resort in an area of citrus groves and cotton plantations. Ashqelon's industries process agricultural products and manufacture cement, plastics, electronic equipment, and watches.
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, Israel.
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Their Magistrate confest it, when they took thee As a League-breaker and deliver'd bound Into our hands, for hadst thou not committed Notorious murder on those thirty men At Askalon, who never did thee harm, then like a Robber stripdst them of their robes?
When I went around the country and visited places like Askalon, Cana, and Lake Tiberias, I felt a curious snatch at my stomach, as when an aeroplane falls away from under one in turbulence.
At Askalon, a center of Philistine power on the coast of what is now southern Israel, Atargatis turned into a mermaid when she threw herself into a pool in remorse for an erotic adventure.