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(əshkhəbät`), formerly


city (1991 pop. 412,200), capital of Turkmenistan, near the border with Iran, on the Trans-Caspian RR. The city has textile, motion picture, and crafts industries. Ashgabat was founded in 1881 as a fortress. From 1919 to 1927 it was named Poltoratsk. An earthquake in 1948 virtually destroyed the city, which stands in a major fault zone. The southern section of the city has been extensively developed since the 1990s, with wide boulevards and monumental buildings, many them clad in white marble. The Turkmen Academy of Sciences is in Ashgabat.


, Ashgabat
the capital of Turkmenistan. Pop.: 598 000 (2005 est.)
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The delegation of Kyrgyzstan led by Minister of Energy Saparbek Balkibekov left for Askhabad to discuss gas and electricity supply for Kyrgyzstan, Beishenaliev concluded.
Petersburg (then Leningrad), and Askhabad, dozens of scientists studied possible rational uses for the desert.
Getches, From Askhabad, to Wellton-Mohawk, to Los Angeles: The Drought in Water Policy, 64 U.