Assembly Stand

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Assembly Stand


a device or mounting for the modular or straight-line assembly of machines; it is used in the single-station and production-line assembly of medium-size and large objects or parts, such as motors and machine tools. General-purpose assembly stands are used in single-unit and small-lot production; specialized assembly stands are used in medium-and large-lot production.

The object being assembled is placed on a horizontal plate or beam. The upper surface of the plate is accurately machined and is equipped with T-shaped slots, to which is attached the basic component of the item being assembled, such as the bed or framework. Specialized assembly stands also use quick-release devices and attachments for mounting and fastening the object being assembled. Assembly stands are equipped with hoisting and transporting devices, equipment for the mechanization and automation of auxiliary operations, and monitoring and measuring devices. Many assembly stands are provided with auxiliary equipment for turning or lubricating the object being assembled.

In production-line assembly, objects may be transported from one stand to another by means of telpherage, cantilever or bridge cranes, or walking conveyors, which are used mostly in machine-tool building. The production-line assembly of large-size articles can be organized in such a way that it is not necessary to move the objects from one assembly stand to another. In this case, the object is completely assembled on a single stand, but individual assembly operations are carried out in succession on specialized assembly stands by teams of assemblers.

Assembly stands are used not only for assembly work proper but also for fitting interlinking parts (if necessary) and adjusting and checking the completed assembly. On some assembly stands the completed assembly is also run in and tested. After it passes inspection, the article is dismantled on the same stand into sub-assemblies and components; it is then shipped to its work location and reassembled. This procedure reduces the number of moves from station to station and reduces the floor area required for production.


See references under ASSEMBLY OF MACHINES.


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