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assembly line,

manufacturing technique in which a product is carried by some form of mechanized conveyor among stations at which the various operations necessary to its assembly are performed. It is used to assemble quickly large numbers of a uniform product. Henry FordFord, Henry,
1863–1947, American industrialist, pioneer automobile manufacturer, b. Dearborn, Mich. The Inception of the Ford Motor Company

Ford showed mechanical aptitude at an early age and left (1879) his father's farm to work as an apprentice in a Detroit
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 is often credited with establishing the first assembly line for his Model T. So long as an assembly line's output is high, the cost per unit is relatively low. It is somewhat inflexible, however, as it must be designed and installed for a particular product. Also, the operations on the product usually must be performed in a sequence that is strictly ordered. A malfunction or shortage of parts that shuts down a single assembly station necessitates shutdown of the entire line. Traditional assembly lines had come under criticism from those concerned with their effects on workers, but industrial robots now perform many of the repetitive tasks. Recent variations on the assembly-line process, such as teams of workers responsible for multiple steps, have increased productivity and employee interest.


See D. E. Nye, America's Assembly Lines (2013).

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assembly line

[ə′sem·blē ‚līn]
(industrial engineering)
A mass-production arrangement whereby the work in process is progressively transferred from one operation to the next until the product is assembled.
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assembly line

a sequence of machines, tools, operations, workers, etc., in a factory, arranged so that at each stage a further process is carried out
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The horizontal assembly line also boasts ergonomic benefits for the assembly teams working on the engines.
[39] develop a new balancing and production sequencing method for manual mixed-model assembly lines. Minimization of the number of stations is provided by the balancing method, and a uniform part usage is obtained by the sequencing method.
The first assembly line was at the Ford Piquette Park Plant in Detroit But it wasn't moving assembly line.
These assembly lines thus have a fixed production rate, which is equal to the reciprocal of the cycle time.
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At their base point of 1980, chosen as the last year before the significant emergence of foreign-owned "transplants" in the industry, assembly lines were "located in a fairly compact region that extends north-south from the Twin Cities in Minnesota to Kansas City, and from there all the way to the East Coast."
Finnish electronics manufacturer Incap Corporation said on Tuesday (20 June) that it had acquired two new SMD assembly lines.
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"Eventually, Demag will deliver completed subassemblies to the machine flow line, mirroring automotive assembly lines," says Demag's new U.S.

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