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(67) Itziar Aspura (director, Gesto por la Paz), in discussion with authors (21 July 2005); Jaime Arrese, Assesor, Attention to Victims of Terrorism Unit, Basque Government, in several discussions with authors, (Summer 2005); Txema Urkijo.
QUALITY TEST....Cask Marque assesor Peter Tulloch tastes the ale at the Bull and butcher pub in Corley Moor.
(4) In this work we find the following entry: (5) Secretario, o assesor de los Mandarines [secretary or counselor of the mandarins], gan kung [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] gan teu' [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] chu vuen [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
This helps the assesor make a determination as to whether the subject site may have the potential to contain subsurface soil or groundwater contamination that may cause the prospective purchaser to incur liability for cleanup, prohibit development plans or result in increased development costs.