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(1) (Automatic Voltage Regulation) See voltage regulator.

(2) (Automatic Voice Recognition) See voice recognition.

(3) See A/V receiver.

(4) A family of microcontrollers used in embedded systems from Atmel Corporation, San Jose, CA, www.microchip.com. Most AVR chips use 8-bit microprocessors except for the 32-bit AVR32. It is unclear what the name actually stands for; however, possibilities are "Advanced Virtual RISC" or "Alf and Vegard RISC," the latter being the first names of the Norwegian students who designed the architecture in 1996. See microcontroller and embedded system.
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Surplus and asset valuation reserve remain strong, expected to reach $24.
02 billion, and record surplus and asset valuation reserve, which reached $21.
Thousands) Company Size Net 12-Month By Capital & Surplus + Admitted Premiums Percent Asset Valuation Reserve Assets Written Change Greater Than $100 Million $3,344,830,067 $582,949,037 4.
The change in an insurer's asset valuation reserve is charged or credited directly to surplus.
The NAIC's establishment of the Asset Valuation Reserve (AVR) represents one of the most significant proposals to address credit-related losses on real estate mortgages and equity investments experienced by life companies.
In 2012, New York Life's surplus and asset valuation reserve -- a primary measure of financial strength -- also rose 10 percent to a record high of $19.