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Head of Portfolio Speacialists at Lloyds Bank Private Banking, Ashish Misra, said "While we would expect to see Gold do well in times of volatility, investors have generally held their nerve and reached out to other asset classes for returns.
Both can trace their evolution from niche investments to potential asset classes back to the 2008 financial crisis.
Khurram Jafree, head of Investment Advisory, Barclays Wealth (Mena), said: "This report provides a fascinating insight into the risk appetite towards various asset classes and provide a cross sectional assessment on the financial personalities of high net worth individuals in the UAE.
The reason for this is that some of the asset classes are not performing well and have a negative outlook, while at the same time the outlook for the other asset classes that are currently doing well, is uncertain.
Those kinds of changes, West says, will be difficult for smaller to mid-size schools because generally they do not have access to the best managers in these asset classes due to investment minimums, frequent personnel changes, and closed funds.
While supporting its customers strategies, HSBC continually highlights the value and benefits of diversification across different managers and asset classes," adds Rios.
168, utility clearing and grading costs incurred to locate transmission and distribution lines and pipelines are assigned to the asset classes of the property to which the costs relate--in general, asset class 49.
Tactical asset allocation (TAA), on the other hand, involves making short-term adjustments in the asset mix because one of the asset classes becomes overvalued or undervalued in relation to other classes.
According to the Lloyds Bank Private Banking Investor Sentiment Index, gold and UK government bonds are the only asset classes which have seen a monthly increase in sentiment with actual market performance revealing declines for nine out of ten asset classes.
Real estate is just one of many asset classes that fall into that "alternative" category, which includes pretty much everything that is not stocks, bonds, or cash.