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Macdonald said: "It's clear this is about asset stripping Scotland's defence estate.
Okorafor described some media reports insinuating handwriting by CBN on the issue as 'the height of mischief and insensitivity' explaining that the collaborative move by the regulators was aimed at preventing job losses and asset stripping and to ensure that Etisalat remains in business and is able to pay back the loans.
Smolensk Bank was alleged to have been 'engaging in deals aimed at asset stripping'.
The closures seem to me suspiciously like asset stripping. Are the Nationwide's next targets for similar treatment the Tipton & Coseley, Dudley or West Bromwich Building Societies?
Do we see a conspiracy here of Liverpool asset stripping Wirral?
Hedge fund talks drew to a close after a fractious 18 months as a special review clause for private equity was inserted into the Commission's draft directive on alternative investment fund managers (COM(2009)207), placating MEPs nervous about asset stripping by fund managers.
3 Why hasn't a public inquiry been called to look into mismanagement and asset stripping?
And while Nigeria can hardly be considered a paragon of virtue regarding honest business practice, it is undeniable progress has been made since the blatant asset stripping and negligence of its 1990s dictatorships.
Halton hospital in Run-corn has merged with Warrington hospital amid allegations of asset stripping.
Unions are opposed and accuse the Royal Mail of asset stripping.
Ansett's administrators are reportedly considering launching legal action against Air New Zealand for alleged asset stripping and alleged inappropriate charging of fuel and other operating costs.
The list has been compiled to identify whether asset stripping has been taking place.