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in botany. (1) The assimilating apparatus of many liverworts in the form of short rows of chlorophyl-lose cells.

(2) Lamellar outgrowths of palisade tissue running along the leaf of certain mosses (for example, haircap moss).

(3) Cells located on the axial filament of the thallus of certain red algae (for example, Batrachospermum), which play a basic role in the process of biological assimilation.

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The mean and the standard deviation of Assimilators in the homogeneous group were 62.75 and 8.46, and 54.75 and 6.65 in the heterogeneous group, respectively.
Gholizadeh and Ahqar [7] stated that the students with the diverger learning styles had significantly higher selfefficacy ratio than the students' with the converger, assimilator, and accommodator learning styles.
This study found little gender difference in terms of preferred styles of learning: both groups tended to favor converger and assimilator styles.
According to LSI scores, a learner is categorized as an Accommodator, a Diverger, an Assimilator, or a Converger.
Accommodators tend to have the opposite strengths to assimilators. Accommodators prefer concrete experiences and active experimentation.
As the second dominant learning style, assimilators are best at understanding a wide range of information and putting it into a concise and logical form.
Learners preferring RO and AC are categorized as assimilators, who use learned information to create larger ideas developing models and theories.
A multimethod study of culture-specific, culture-general, and culture theory-based assimilators. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 29(5), 630-655.
In approaching pain control as a goal, chronic pain patients fall into two distinct categories: those who try to overcome it (assimilators) and those who accept it (accommodators).
You, the "Righteous [Hasidim]" are the "Am Kaddishei Elyonim [Nation of the holy elevated ones]" and will awaken to glory, and the non-righteous assimilators will awaken to ignominy.