Mechanical ventilation

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Mechanical ventilation

1. The use of fans and intake and exhaust vents to mechanically distribute ventilation and other conditioned air.
2. A forced ventilation method that circulates the air, removes odors, and controls humidity within the building. It is often used in wet areas such as food preparation rooms and bathrooms to control odor. Ceiling and window fans or portable ventilation devices are used to circulate the air within the space. They cannot be used for air replacement unless a clear indoor/outdoor circulation pattern is established. See also: Ventilation systems
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mechanical ventilation

The process of supplying outdoor air to a building or removing air from it by mechanical means, e.g., with fans; the air which is supplied may or may not be heated, cooled, or air-conditioned.
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There was also a suggestion of lower postpolicy odds of assisted ventilation in model 2 but not model 1.
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She then had consecutive generalized tonic-clonic seizures that could not be controlled using midazolam or phenytoin; therefore, she was intubated; thiopentone sodium was administered under assisted ventilation and the patient was deeply sedated with propofol (2 mg/kg/hour) in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
Fifty-six qualitative research articles were identified, resulting in seven research themes including Illness Experience; Work, Recreation, and Services; Assisted Ventilation; Caregiving; Genetics; Communication and Information Seeking; and Palliative Care.
When the hypercapnia test was finished, the patient was returned to his or her original assisted ventilation mode.
Having reviewed the existing range following feedback from welders, the company has enhanced the performance of a number of product characteristics on four of its optoelectronic masks: Optrel e680, e670, e650, e640, and on its assisted ventilation system, the Optrel e1100.
"Irreversible absence of central nervous system function, the inability to maintain body homeostasis spontaneously, with spontaneous cardio-circulatory function (although sometimes supported harmacologically) and assisted ventilation, is defined as brain death and accepted in many countries as the legal death of an individual" - Dr Said
Mr Basheer told the hearing Mr Wynn had been progressing well after the cancer surgery, but had been given assisted ventilation to help his breathing.
But his condition was worsening and he started to need the use of assisted ventilation.
When assisted ventilation is required, this decision is usually taken at 60 seconds, during which time the infant should be placed between the mother's legs and oxygen given.
Assisted ventilation should be slow and controlled at a rate of about 10 breaths per minute in an adult.

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