assistive technology

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assistive technology

Hardware and software that help people who are physically impaired. Often called "accessibility options" when referring to enhancements for using the computer, the field of assistive technology is quite vast and even includes ramp and doorway construction that supports wheelchairs. For more information, visit the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) at

Enhancements for using the computer include alternative keyboard and mouse devices, replacing beeps with light signals for the deaf, screen magnifiers and text enlargers, as well as systems that form Braille letters from on-screen text. See screen reader, voice recognition, TDD/TTY and accessibility.

A Specialized Keyboard
This IntelliKeys keyboard provides a 24x24 cell matrix that can be custom programmed with oversized keys for children with disabilities. (Image courtesy of AbleNet, Inc.,
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ERGODEX introduces the DX1 Input System, an assistive device that helps students who have trouble using a standard keyboard and mouse control their computers.
In addition, through ICC, employers will be able to participate in an assistive device loan program, so they will not have this expense when taking on short-term interns.
Is the resident able to walk with the aid of an assistive device such as a quad or straight cane?
When considering the purchase of an assistive device, evaluators should consider whether the device could benefit other individuals in the same environment.
The awareness of the existence of a hearing loss and the acceptance of the need for an assistive device are critical steps in adjUstment to hearing aids.
Since 2014-15, a grant of up to $40,000 may be considered for deserving cases for which the price of a single assistive device and its essential accessories exceeds $20,000.
For more information on these and other assistive device, or to submit product information for the database (and possible inclusion on this page), contact: ABLEDATA, 103 W.
A colorful "falling star" sticker is placed over the bed and on the side of the wheelchair and/or assistive device of any resident identified by the interdisciplinary team as high risk.
Strict adherence to one form of service delivery models over another may not be possible due to the complex considerations that must be weighed when choosing an assistive device.
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- According to projections from the well-known market survey institute Espicom Business Intelligence, the market of medical equipment, including the assistive device industry, offers incredible potential business opportunity, since it will expand rapidly from US$164.
Analysis of the current assistive device service provision system and develop a plan for improvement in quality and coverage of the related services in Pohnpei State.
When may a bag containing an assistive device be counted toward a passenger's bag limit?

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