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The Ministry said in a statement that "the production of associated gas by the oil companies throughout Iraq for the month of February amounted to 3013 cubic meters a day, while the burned was 1552 cubic meters per day."
"Every day about 1 million cubic meters of associated gas is collected and provided to the population," said Huseynova, stressing that this is a significant achievement.
The compressor is a part of a power station on the basis of Capstone C200 micro turbine and is designed for conditioning of associated gas at the inlet to power plant.
Socar has the right to the associated gas made available from in AIOC's ACG.
A byproduct of the oil extraction process, associated gas is often burned off or flared into the atmosphere.
The microturbines have very low emissions and help the facility meet their greenhouse gas objectives by utilising the wasted associated gas and converting it to electricity.
It will process the additional associated gas, which resulted from Tatweer's increased production to produce liquefied petroleum gas.
Dr Shaikh Mohammed said associated gas is a form of natural gas which is found with deposits of petroleum, either dissolved in the oil or as a free "gas cap" above the oil in the reservoir.
The Ministry of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan and the Compact GTL signed an agreement in construction of a GTL plant for the processing the associated gas into diesel fuel.
He noted that the most common uses of the sweet associated gas are consumption and injection to oil inventories.
Saudi Aramco has invited contractors to bid for offshore work at its non- associated gas fields feeding Wasit, the biggest gas plant built in the Kingdom, industry sources said.
Last year, Aramco's non-associated gas output exceeded for the first time associated gas output, its 2009 annual review said.

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