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William Williams, Anglesey He was awarded Associateship in 2005 for his submission on the role of groups and societies in agriculture.
The research fellows who tenure at TFHRC," says Paul Zielinski, program administrator for the Research Associateship Programs, "are among the successful applicants in a worldwide competition to recruit the best young scientists and engineers to work at Federal laboratories.
The training programme is 18 months to two years, and at the end of this they take a professional qualification from the Associateship of Institute Brewers.
The general BAA also has a number of researcher assistance programs, including the Air Force-National Research Council Resident Research Associateship Program, the University Resident Research Program and the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program.
This work was supported by a Research Associateship awarded to Abdulrazaq A.
In 1957 he completed a Preliminary Certificate in Librarianship, which he later converted to an Associateship of the Library Association of Australia.
This work was performed while the author held a National Research Council (NMFS, Northeast Fisheries Science Center) Research Associateship.
Gusler would like to acknowledge support as an NRC Postdoctoral Research Associateship at NIST during her stay as a post-doctoral fellow in the NIST Polymers Division.
But serious students, who wanted proficiency certificates, had to take a series of courses lasting three to four years and pass exams (leading to an Associateship of the School).
After a meeting between representatives of the two bodies in December 1917 the Institute of Chemistry modified its requirements for the Associateship along these lines, but still required the applicant to have received some formal scientific training and been examined therein.
57) Yet this explanation is unsatisfying because under tournament theory the associateship period is not one of gentle socialization to the firm, but rather one of hard work created by the incentive to make partner.
At the end of that year I reached the promotion barrier at Yale: after six years as an assistant professor an American university must either promote you to an associateship, which carries tenure, or dismiss you.

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