Association for Progressive Communications

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Association for Progressive Communications

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(APC) A world-wide organisation of like-minded computer networks providing a global communications network dedicated to the free and balanced flow of information.

The APC defends and promotes non-commercial, productive online space for NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) and collaborates with like-minded organisations to ensure that the information and communication needs of civil society are considered in telecommunications, donor and investment policy.

A few of APC's partner organisations include The Institute for Global Communications (USA), GreenNet (UK), Nicarao (Nicaragua) Enda-Tiers Monde (Senegal) and GlasNet (Ukraine).

These organisations serve people working toward goals that include the prevention of warfare, elimination of militarism and poverty, protection of the environment, human rights, social and economic justice, participatory democracy, non-violent conflict resolution, and the promotion of sustainable development.

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FEMNET in partnership with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC Africa Women), will host an e-mail discussion on African Women and NEPAD.

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