Association of Contemporary Architects

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Association of Contemporary Architects


an organization founded in 1925 by architects belonging to the Left Front of the Arts (A. A. Vesnin, M. O. Barshch, A. K. Burov, I. N. Sobolev) and by G. M. Orlov, I. A. Golosov, and M. Ia. Ginzburg (as well as Ginzburg’s followers). Later members of the Association of Contemporary Architects included I. I. Leonidov, I. L. Matsa, A. S. Fisenko, I. S. Nikolaev, and a group of Leningrad architects headed by A. S. Nikol’skii. The organization brought together architects influenced by constructivism and functionalism. It promoted a scientific approach to the solution of architectural problems, the use of the most modern structural elements and materials, and the standardization and industrialization of construction. From 1926 to 1930, the association published the journal Sovremennaia arkhitektura (Contemporary Architecture). The Association of Contemporary Architects disbanded in 1931.


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In response to this under Moisei Ginzburg's leadership, the 'Association of Contemporary Architects' (OSA) focused on communal housing in search of a new form of domkommuna.

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