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The property of an operator that says whether a sequence of three or more expressions combined by the operator will be evaluated from left to right (left associative) or right to left (right associative). For example, in Perl, the lazy and operator && is left associative so in the expression:

$i >= 0 && $x[$i] >= 0 && $y[$x[$i]] == 0

the left-most && is evaluated first, whereas = is right associative, so in

$a = $b = 42

the right-most assignment is performed first.
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the candidate with one or group must necessarily possess and have strong skills in the following areas - Expertise in housing and regulatory planning : - Skills related to housing, social diversity social policy and urban sociology : - Knowledge of political accommodation and associative operation : - Land and building skills.
Inspired by the writings of Sigmund Freud, her oeuvre features classically Surrealistic juxtapositions that allude to the associative operations of the unconscious, and often seems abuzz with psychosexual energy.
The 'Pearl Project' incorporates training sessions on associative operations and mastering customer relations to develop employee capabilities, simplify work procedures and strengthen community-facing operations.